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Audio CD. The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home

Иллюстрация к Audio CD. The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home
Suzy is a small striped cat with long white whiskers, who lives in a French seaside village with a fisherman and his four sons. She likes living in France, chasing butterflies and being stroked the wrong way. She doesnt like straying too far from home. But like all cats, Suzy is very inquisitive, which causes problems when she climbs into the basket of a hot air balloon, falls asleep and is carried up, up and away over the Channel to England! How will she ever get back to her home in France? It wont be easy, but Suzy refuses to be put off by a bit of water... A heartwarming story from bestselling author Jill Tomlinson, whose books have been hugely popular for nearly thirty years. Told in clear, simple language, they are idealfor young listeners, who can identify with the baby animals and their adventures. "The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home" is an enchanting tale that will appeal to any child who loves animals or has ever worried about getting lost.